DIG encourages farm diversification among the targeted farmers. This starts at the demo plot in which a variety of vegetables are grown with the farmers as they learn. Learning at the demonstration plots allows farmers to be taken through the various vegetables, their nutritive value and how to grow them sustainably.

The program also identifies knowledge gap and access to nutrition information as contributing factors to malnutrition. The project therefore takes the beneficiary through basic knowledge of nutrition; classes of food and their sources, nutrition for under -five, people living with HIV and expectant and nursing mothers. Additionally the project incorporates a cooking demonstration with garden produce in which new nutrient dense recipes are taught to the beneficiary, such dishes included; Moringa peanut sauce and rainbow rice. The beneficiaries were excited to try the new recipes at home.


Key Benefits of the Project

The program enables communities to practice sustainable agriculture for improved nutrition, food security, climate resilience and household income.

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