The project entails harnessing Farmer Research Networks (FRN) in Agricultural Technology Development, Testing and Dissemination. The project is funded by McKnight Foundation and is currently being implemented cooperatively by five other local NGOs with AGRISS being the lead coordinating agency. The five NGOs include Community action for rural development (CARD) based in Migori, Community rehabilitation and environmental protection programme (CREP) based in Awasi, Agriculture and Extension Programme (AEP) based in Homabay, AVENE based in Vihiga, and Rural Energy and Food Security Organization (REFSO) based in Busia


The sorghum trial aims at helping farmers find sorghum varieties that are suitable for their environment. Specifically the trial looks at some 11 sorghum varieties that were recently availed by the breeding work of Rongo University which could be suitable for farmers under their farming systems. The trial is designed to understand more about farmer and consumer acceptance of varieties in the context of social and ecological variations so that promotion of the new varieties could be more relevant and better targeted. The study would then be useful in trying to understand the determinants of adoption of sorghum varieties among the farming communities in the region.

The second research experiment looks at integrated crop management practices and soil health improvement technologies. The specific objective of the trial is for farmers to find striga management options that work to address the effect of striga on yield.

The last research experiment is on beans whose main objective is for farmers to participate in identifying and evaluating priority adaptation traits for the best-bets beans that should be targeted for improvement through engagement with a research partner; and to disseminate better adapted best-bet varieties.


Key Benefits of the Project

The research study would be useful in trying to understand the determinants of adoption of sorghum, striga and bean varieties among the farming communities in the region.

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