10 Sep 2018

Ksh 1 billion Kitale bull station opens doors for business

The Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) has begun collecting semen from bulls at its Kitale Collection Centre, after construction was completed at a cost of one billion shillings.
The centre already has 20 bulls, and hopes to harvest an initial 500,000 doses of semen per year, before gradually growing it to three million doses. The Kitale Centre is part of a government project to improve livestock breeds and the quality of dairy cows in the country, and the ADC says that its

09 Sep 2018

To grow juicy melons, follow these key steps

Watermelons are warm weather crops and they require long growing season of high temperatures. Good vegetative growth requires 18-32oC, the optimal being 18-24oC. They do better with adequate water supply.

Within a growing season, at least 400mm of moisture will be required. Soils should be well-drained and with good waterholding capacity. The pH should be 6.0-6.8.

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30 Jun 2018

What to go for when buying bull semen

The big question often asked by dairy farmers is that what is the role of bull semen in cattle improvement. Bull semen is the pathway to profitable dairy business, therefore, must be able to transfer the following traits to a dairy herd.

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