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Agriculture Improvement Support Services (AGRISS) objective is to improve the health and Nutrition of HIV affected and at risk populations through sustainable agricultural practices. The Program has two main components:  Farmer Field School Project and priority households (households with under nourished children below the age of five). The project reaches out to communities with practical trainings on nutrition sensitive sustainable agriculture. .


Who we are?

Agriculture Improvement Support Services (AGRISS) is a research and advocacy based organization registered in Kenya in 2015. We are based in Rodi Kopany, HomaBay County but operatiting in about six counties namely  HomaBay, Migori, Kisumu, Siaya, Busia and Vihiga counties

Currently AGRISS implements three projects in partnership with three funding agencies in the greater western Kenya region. The first project entails harnessing Farmer Research Networks (FRN) in Agricultural Technology Development, Testing and Dissemination. The project is funded by McKnight Foundation and is currently being implemented cooperatively by five other local NGOs with AGRISS being the lead coordinating agency. The five NGOs include Community action for rural development (CARD) based in Migori, Community rehabilitation and environmental protection programme (CREP) based in Awasi, Agriculture and Extension Programme (AEP) based in Homabay, AVENE based in Vihiga, and Rural Energy and Food Security Organization (REFSO) based in Busia.


Farmer Field School Activities(DIG)

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Our Partners

We partner with various like minded organizations to help us achieve
our goals and objectives within the communities in which we work